About Me

I’m a wife, mother of 3 boys, friend, coach, trainer, role model, Ambassador and Athlete..
Holding my head high through adversity whilst juggling many balls’
Training has always been my passion, and the perfect science of changing your body into that someone you want to be has always been part of my life. I’ve been in the fitness industry for the past 2 decades. So fitness is my life story.
Always learning more and pushing myself to the next level.
Being the organized wife, considerate friend. The mom screaming at the sportfields. To the disciplined fitness Bikini athlete…I’m always up for a challenge.

Being a personal Trainer is not just a work…it’s a passion.
Putting your trust into my hand and embark the body lifestyle change journey is a privilege and I make you realise, it’s not just a plan or a diet but an ultimate lifestyle.
So from

  • Weightloss
  • Toning
  • Stage body
  • Pre & Post Natal fitness 

I’m there for you, offering you all my knowledge and experience into giving you the ultimate body transformation you desire.
I’m tough, focused and sometimes your nightmare but I know we can make magic together.


Using a customised platform called trainerize, tailored nutritional information and training routines are provided.

Each exercise forming part of a routine, is accompanied by you tube video along with a write up detailing how the movement should be performed

Every routine is loaded to the individual calendar requiring regular tracking and recording the platform allows me, as your coach to remotely monitor your progress by notifying me of complete workouts, personal bests, body stats information and progress pictures.

Plus with realtime messaging, conversations, questions and advice are at your finger tips. Nutritional and supplement information, training programs, remote monitoring via unique mobile application.

Enjoy the benefits of having your personal trainer with you anytime, anywhere.

One on one training sessions is also on top of my list. Giving you everything from your first body assessment to your mealplan and working out your goals.

Then all the fun starts when we put it all together in the gym.

So don’t wait for this to happen Hit⚡Fear are your next step!


R 2500

per month

  • Personalized Diet
  • Training Programme
  • Weekly Check-In's

1 On 1

Contact for Price

per month

  • Add personal 1-on-1 sessions to any package

Traveling Coach

Contact for Price

per month

  • I will come to your local Gym, Home or Office

All above plans include personal councelling with me.



I’ve done 2 Supashape challenges…1 Muddy Princess race and 4 Warrior races …so much fun and a great challenge to compete in ! I love to help people regain confidence in themselves 


  • Fat/Weight Loss
  • Fitness
  • Endurance
  • Hypertrophy


I have more than 15 years experience in the fitness industry. I am also an active bodybuilding competitor,one of my highlights is qualifying for the Arnold Classic, the first one held in South Africa.


  • Fat/Weight Loss
  • Bodybuilding
  • Body Toning
  • Competition Prep (Men/Women)


Personalised trainer and Motivater !!!!

With passion commitment and dedication let me help YOU make the difference…


  • Fat/Weight Loss
  • CM(centimeter) Loss
  • Group Training


“Suck it up CupCake”

Nathasia Rautenbach


Let’s do the same for YOU!